We understand that a table receives constant use. That is why we create each of the live edge western tables with a superior finish that will endure the harsh unexpected incidents in life. We use an oil and wax finish, which is applied layer after layer until the proper amount of coating has been applied; sometimes it can take up to 2 weeks. Once the finish dries it becomes united with the wood creating an excellent barrier, perfect for protection from normal use.

Here is a collection of our "classic" dining room tables.

oval live edge table

Round Tables

Round tables hold a special place in our hearts because as a large family, growing up, we could always all see each other when we sat down to eat .

designed by Andy Sanchez
Round table
South West Round Table


designed by Daniel and Andy Sanchez

One of the most amazing things about the alligator juniper trees is there age! "Anasazi", meaning "ancient ones" is named after an old Indian tribe. The table most likely started growing before Christ was born! Truly ancient!

anasazi 005
redwood and juniper

Redwood is cut to fit into the juniper to fill in rot from sitting for years on the mountain floor.


designed by Aaron Sanchez

Andy and Aaron wanted to design a table that reflected the trials and wealth of the Great American West. They felt that the long horn cattle made a great centerpiece to communicate that idea!

long horn Stampede table
longhorn stampede table
Live edge base

Golden Trail

designed by Daniel Sanchez

Daniel looked for the natural curves and grain to place these naturally golden geodes. The centerpiece is a live-edge marble Thunderbird with a turquoise head.

Yellow geod table

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