Andy Sanchez and his sons Aaron and Daniel are award winning western cowboy furniture artists.

Their studio is located near Santa Fe, New Mexico, however their work can be found throughout the world. Andy's work is featured in several galleries, including the Patrick Mavros' Gallery in London, where it has received compliments from the Queen herself.



If you are getting ready to order a piece from Andy Sanchez Furniture, the best place to start is here, on our website. We encourage you to brouse. Look at the different types of bases, inlays, and types of wood. When you call us or email us, you will be speaking to one of our designers (Andy or one of his sons) and they want to know what you like. The type of base can change the style from rustic to contemporary. The amount and type of inlay is primarily a matter of personal taste. We always keep in mind the wood itself as we design...the many cracks and knot holes...where they are placed and the colors present in the wood itself.


In the shop, Andy and his sons discuss where the inlays would look the best for that particular piece and if our client desires, they will send pictures at that point, so they can have their own input. We will work hard to make sure you recieve the piece you envisioned or expected. The other thing we need to know before choosing the wood is the size. We will be glad to help you with these decisions by giving you input about how many people could fit around a particular size table, for example.

The amount and type of inlay is a personal choice. The wood we use is ancient and unique so we study each piece and the natural holes and cracks in it. The inlays are placed according to those "defects" so when we chose a piece of wood for our client we take into consideration what our customer likes and search through our inventory for the perfect piece of wood for him or her.

Inlays Woods

Each piece is being built one at a time so a custom size is our norm. Keep in mind that we are designing and building your furniture for you, so if you have a particular idea, please ask. We can use an animal hide from your last safari to cover your rocker or inlay a treasured fossil into your coffee table. And that's what we love to do!

  • Deb, Pennsylvania
    Have fallen in love with your dining room table with feather inlay and stump/root base. I have never seen anything so beautiful. Sounds crazy, but I cried.
    Deb, Pennsylvania
  • Lynn and Gary, MN
    Dear Andy, Here are some pictures of some war lances and a rain stick we have. You decide which you think would look best or incorporate your own ideas. As you can see, there are also beads on them as well, some red, turquoise, yellow. It was a pleasure to meet you and your wife and a pleasure to do business with you. We are so excited to have your works of art!! Thanks again
    Lynn and Gary, MN
  • Dr. Tom, KS
    Andy, I wanted to tell you how great the rocker and table looks in the trophy room. Your pieces are true works of art and will be enjoyed greatly.
    Dr. Tom, KS
  • Carol, Scottsdale, AZ
    Hi, Aaron and Andy, We call our territorial home in Scottsdale "The Sanchez Gallery-Scottsdale," as it is almost entirely furnished with Andy's and Aaron's furniture — dining tables, coffee tables, bar table, chairs, credenza, my work desk, bowls and one most unusual wall piece by Aaron that I have no idea WHAT to call, except: FABULOUS!!! When I first saw these works of art at the Scottsdale Fine Arts show five years ago, they took my breath away. At the time, we were visiting AZ, living exclusively in New Jersey in a fully furnished house, with no need of more furniture. When we bought our Scottsdale house, I immediately went looking for Andy, and went on a Sanchez collection binge. Result: A seamless integration of the outside world and its natural elements –– wood, stone, fossils, semiprecious gemstones — with the inside of the house. Everyone who comes into our home flips over the furniture, and says the whole "gestalt" is exceptionally warm yet elegant; I attribute this ambiance in large part to Andy's and Aaron's work. These works of art, each unique and interesting every time one looks at them, also inexplicably stimulate my own creative process: I publish a magazine for top food industry executives; when I am "stuck" for a layout or illustration idea, I make myself a cup of coffee, sit down at one of Andy's/Aaron's tables or my desk, and retrace with my finger its lines and details while letting my mind wander. I always see something new, because there is so much to see. Somehow, this process of seeing these works anew each time never fails to produce a new layout or illustration idea for me. Each piece is a treasure, and will always be cherished.
    Carol, Scottsdale, AZ
  • Bob and Sandy, MD
    Dear Aaron and Andy, WOW! We LOVE our new coffee table!! It arrived well packaged and prompt. Thank you so much for such a wonderful addition to our home. Looks like the coffee table might need a little brother end table sometime. More on that later! Thanks again
    Bob and Sandy, MD
  • Martha
    Andy: The movers brought my rocking chair yesterday afternoon and it is just beautiful - thanks so much. I have our 2 1/2 year old grandson here with us this week and he made sure I rocked him this morning in the new chair! We're still waiting on our second grandchild, so I'm sure this rocker will receive a lot of use! Thanks
  • Don & Kerry, Colorado
    "Kerry and I want you to know how much we love the table. It is everything we had hoped for and more. We are very proud to have this table as one of the focal points in our home. We have sent photos to many of our friends and have quite a few dinner dates planned as a result. Your work is absolutely beautiful."
    Don & Kerry, Colorado
  • Ralph
    Andy, We've been in our renovated home a month now. As you and I discussed, EVERYONE that walks through makes a comment on our/your dining table! It is a wonderful piece of art. The funny thing we notice is that everyone has to walk over and rub their hand across the top. The house is of mid-century design and furnished, mostly, accordingly. Although I would have to say the table is definitely Southwestern, our Interior Designer agrees, the table fits right in! WE LOVE IT, THANKS! - Ralph
  • Satisfied Customer
    Aaron, Your great bowl arrived at my door yesterday and it is even better than your photograph!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! Have a great weekend and I will be in touch with your father next month about the hutch.
    Satisfied Customer