Fruit and Family
April 9, 2011
Joe Netherwood
April 13, 2011
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On the mountain pass coming into LA, about an hour from our daughter’s home, we drove into snow once more. It seems to be following us. As we came down the hill our spring broke and Andy had to crawl under the trailer and do a temporary fix. A few miles down the road, one of our trailer tires was blown and Andy had to stop and put our spare on. He spent Saturday doing repairs.

We got into LA late but still managed to get dinner with Andy’s army buddy, Luis. They had a great time remembering the old days when they worked and played together, pulling all kinds of firehouse pranks on the other guys and Luis’s poor young bride, Renita. We also talked of kids and grandkids and plans for the future. Some friends are just as dear year after year no matter how many miles and years separate you.

We also had a real treat getting to watch our beautiful, feminine daughter run a mud race. She really got into it….head first!

We followed that up with dinner with my brother, Charlie, and his family. So nice to connect again. We don’t do it often enough. Keeping in touch friends and family has been such a privilage on this trip, always worth it, but so easy to let slip in our busy, busy lives.

The Desert

We are warm for the first time as we cross the Mohave Dessert. Feels pretty good after all that snow and rain. Once again, some of God’s best works of art are on display!

We’ll be in Phoenix tonight and and tomorrow… home on Wed, Lord willing.



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