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November 12, 2012
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January 30, 2013


Few possessions in life are more versatile than a rocking chair.  The rocking chair has been around for several centuries, and offers numerous benefits to owners. Here is a look at each aspect of the chair’s versatility.


Depending on the source, some credit Benjamin Franklin with the invention of the rocking chair, while others argue that they have been in existence in North America since the early 1700’s.  Originally, rocking chairs were used near gardens, before becoming a staple of porch and living room furniture.


Part of the mass appeal of rocking chairs is their ligneous appeal.  People are drawn to the craftsmanship of each chair, as no two rocking chairs are the same.  Craftsmen have the opportunity to be creative in the design of the back, seat and armrests of the chair.  The chair’s distinguishable features can depend on a variety of different factors, as well as the owner’s style and tastes.  What’s more, the chair can serve as a stylish decorative piece, either as a mainstay on your porch, an antique in your living room, or a chair that matches the decorative theme of your home.


A rocking chair can also serve as a go-to chair to relax.  It can be your favorite place to watch television, a place to read a book or the spot to take in sun rise/set.  Plus, for many families, it has been the chair that mothers, fathers and grandparents have rocked their baby back and forth in for soothing purposes.  There is something naturally settling about rocking back and forth, even when you are older.  Simply put, there are few pieces of furniture that are as relaxing as a rocking chair, and even fewer that create so many wonderful memories.

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