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February 10, 2011
Arriving In Montana
March 30, 2011

Goin’ on a Road Trip

Andy and the SkyhorsesThis trip started out simple enough. Andy and I were going to deliver & install in Montana, pick up some wood in northern CA, visit our daughter in LA and head home. But as the weeks went by we added destination after destination until it grew from one and a half weeks to almost three with 8-9 stops along the way. Our journey leads us along the path the Spanish took on their way to California, through some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States. We will be visiting client friends, artists friends, my daughter Shalom (who is one of our best friends) and probably making some new friends along the way. Our excuse is to deliver furniture and pick up some redwood but it is a trip we might have planned as a vacation (if we’d had the time).

Yesterday was a day of last minute preparations, last minute trips to the store, and last minute list checking. Good thing we did! We almost forgot to take pants. That would have been a first!

We left Algodones around six in the evening and drove four hours to visit Loren and Lisa Skyhorse in Durango, CO. The Skyhorses are the leather artists we collaborated with to build a saddle tree which is the foundation for one of their wonderful collector saddles. We woke early in anticipation of the day and were rewarded with the sunrise shining on the snow capped mountains. We enjoyed visiting their home/art gallery and besides the gourmet breakfast Loren made, and we greatly appreciated, we had fun beginning to plan our next collaborative projects.

Realizing we had a long way to go we got back on the road and crossed into Utah. Amazing rock formations! We are going to try to reach the border between Utah and Idaho tonight so we can reach the Newton’s by Thursday.

We will be writing updates through the whole trip so make sure and follow us on twitter if you haven’t already.

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Cheryl Sanchez

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