6 Tips for Buying Luxury Artistic Furniture
November 10, 2010
Check Mate, Cowboy!
November 18, 2010

In the famous words of Frank Sinatra, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”  Me and my wife love this time of the year and I swear that around this time her ears seem to get pointier and her voice higher.  This year my daughter Danyelle will be 2! It’s going to be fun, to say the least.

As most people know there is a reason for the season.
Even in a Christian home that reason can seem to get lost in all the excitement. In the shop this year we’ve stopped to reflect and work on something a little closer to our heart than conference tables and chess sets.  What is it? Perhaps one of the most famous scenes in history, commonly known as “The Nativity”.  To us this is one of the most touching moments in all history, as our Lord looked down and decided to come to this earth in the form of his creation that He loved. Knowing the pain and suffering that He would go through He still came. This was the love that He had for us.
Here are some photos of a few that we have completed.  Aaron has designed a few sets with a cowboy theme that we will be taking to Cowboy Christmas in Las Vegas this year.
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