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March 9, 2015
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One of our customers spoke in a panicky voice…his marriage was in danger! He continued to explain that he had set a box of cleaning products on his table top and the fluids had seeped through the box onto his table, causing much damage. His wife would possibly “kill” him!

Another phone call, “A bear broke through our window and climbed across our beautiful new table leaving deep gouges in the finish! Help!”

And another, “The link holding a large antler chandelier above my table broke loose! The chandelier hit the marble in the center of the table first, luckily softening the blow, but it caused some damage as it bounced off the marble and hit the side of the table as it crashed to the floor. What can we do!?”

It happens.
Sometimes it happens before you even receive the table. The gorilla, sometimes called a “shipper”, is the first danger to your furniture. We have learned some things through the years which may help you if you need to ship your furniture.

1st: Use a small independent shipper. Their name is on the line. They are more careful. A big company may take your things off and on at more than one location, multiplying the chance of damage. Also, the shipper will probably just be a hired worker and he doesn’t have the same risk as a small shipper who will be held personally responsible for any damage.

2nd: Read or ask for references. A lot may be revealed through other’s experiences.

3rd: We use blanket shippers if at all possible. They will move your furniture on a dolly and not use a forklift on it. They set your pieces up in your home, placing them where you want them. Craters think too highly of the strength of the crate. We had one drop the crate right off the back of the truck because he didn’t have anyone to help him. Broke that table top right in two!

Probably the greatest danger to our furniture is that wild beast called “A Child”. One may toss his toy truck with great force on your new table top. Our grandson “painted” Aaron’s new table with nail polish. Our sons, in their teen years, while practicing their snowboarding techniques, in a leap from our kitchen island to our tabletop, caused mysterious dents. We didn’t learn the truth about that damage until they were safely married and out of our home.

Before you despair….and decide to replace all your warm beautiful wood with cold metal furnishings…


-1st. Andy, Aaron and Daniel can do miracles. They start with damaged wood, remember? They can repair anything “stuff” can do to it. You may well get another piece of inlay out of it!  By the way, in case you’re wondering, the endangered marriage described above was saved. We were actually on our way to Colorado for a show when he called. We went straight to his home and fixed his table before his wife ever found out!

-2nd. Daniel is producing a video showing you, or your handyman, how to repair it yourself. If Andy is not always easily available and most repairs are pretty simple. Feel free to call or email us any time with your questions. The video will be available soon and we will be putting it in the next blog article as well as putting it in the next newsletter.

-3rd. Some damage should not be repaired. They are memories! We have an end table that our grandchildren have decorated with tiny dents which we have decided to leave as is. They grow up too quickly and when we see those dents we see a picture of their chubby little two-year old hands. (If you are now a grandparent, have you noticed that the naughtiness of a grandchild is so much cuter than the naughtiness of your children ever was?)

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