Safari Club International 2011
December 31, 2010
Red Wood Bar Table
February 10, 2011

This year at Safari Club International there will be a couple of new artists amongst the crowd.  Lisa and Loren Skyhorse are in the booth next to us and we are collaborating on several pieces. They are skilled leather artists that specialize in beautiful saddles.  Each of their saddles are custom made to meet the need of the horse and rider.  As artists who love working with their clients, we can really appreciate what the Skyhorses do for their clients.  A saddle is a very personal accessory to the equestrian sport.  It joins the horse with it’s rider and each time they unite it is important that this indispensable piece of equipment is well made and designed to represent the style and taste of the rider. Their saddles include intricate leather carving and silver accents.

As well as saddles, the Skyhorse’s do plenty of other projects with their leather work all the way from personal hand bags to architectural designs.  We have been talking with Lisa and Loren over the past few months and have come up with a collaborative idea for a rocking chair and some home decor. Make sure to come by and see it at this year’s Safari Club International show in Reno, Nevada, January 26th-29th.  Our booth number is 3302-3401.  We will also be displaying a beautiful saddle and saddle horse that we collaborated on in November of 2010.  We have a few photos of the saddle below.

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