About the Juniper (Juniperus deppeana)
December 8, 2010
Skyhorse at Safari Club International
January 12, 2011

Wayne Newton and Andy SanchezEvery year after all the holiday rush is over we start looking forward to our next project for Safari Club International in Reno, NV, Jan. 26th-29th.  We try and make our biggest pieces for this show because it is for people that are looking for big game. One of the tables we made for SCI sold to Wayne Newton.

This year we are making a 10′ alligator juniper table but we’re especially excited about this one because we are going with a deeper tone for the inlays.   There are going to be three main inlays that I really think are going to turn some heads.  The center piece of the whole table is this beautifully book-matched geode stone. When we have it put into the table it is going to span 16 inches!  We have an idea that we are going to do underneath this inlay.  That’s right, underneath! It will be a dual-layered inlay. Something we’ve never seen nor done before. The two outside inlays promise to be complimentary in beauty to the centerpiece. We’ll be posting pictures of the finished table in a week or two.

Geode Inlay


Make sure to come by and see us in Reno! Our booth number is 3302,3401.

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