From Montana to Oregon…
April 5, 2011
Redwood Treasures
April 8, 2011
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I’ve gotten behind so I will try to catch you up. If you’ve been following our trip, we drove from the Tri-city area of Oregon to Portland on Sunday. On Monday we went to the Geezer Gallery to meet them and drop off some pieces. The Geezer Gallery is in downdown Portland and features only artists over 60 years old. The owners are such friendly and interesting people. We enjoyed meeting them and hearing their passion for their work.

We decided to spend the afternoon doing some sightseeing around Portland but we learned a secret. Don’t try to do sightseeing on a Monday…everything is closed! And it was raining non-stop so we ended up at a Starbucks sipping on cafe con leche. Not a bad thing!

The Redwoods

Tuesday morning we traveled south through Oregon and into California. When we connected with HWY 101 we began following the coast and then drove through a section of the Redwood forest. Wow! Even though we knew how big they were, seeing them standing so majestically tall in the thick forest, very little light even reaching the forest floor…it was magical!

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