Sanchez Tables

Tables and Chairs are our most popular pieces.

In 1996 a fire-wood cutter brought us our first alligator juniper slabs and asked us if there was anything we could do with the beautiful pieces of wood. He said he didn't have the heart to cut them up for firewood. It was our first time seeing these ancient trees but we were awed by them. That first, now iconic, Andy Sanchez table, was purchased in 1997 by a family in Arizona where it has remained in use for over 20 years and is still prized by the owners.

Dining Room

Our dining tables are truly unique. We preserve the natural form of the trees that they came from and fit them to the home they will be placed in.


Conference Tables

Conference tables make a statement and create a mood. In the information age it is creativity and inspiration that are leading the way. Our tables make that statement... and inspire it too!


Coffee Tables

Creating functional "art" is something we are very proud of. We strive to create art that will be the center of a room and of a social event, inspiring the spirit in man to be in awe of God.

Entry and Sofa

Our entry tables and sofa tables are often designed with the base in mind. It is the complete look we are thinking of because often the point of focus is the base. It will be a piece that no one will pass without noticing.


Sofa table and coffee table set.