Designing the Bar
March 31, 2011
From Montana to Oregon…
April 5, 2011
We left the Newton’s warm and lovely home this morning. They are such charming people and they really loved the bar. It did turn out beautifully. Hard to capture in pictures but we tried.
We headed west and have stopped at an RV park in St. Regis MT. First day open for the season. Now we have some time to rest up and relax a little. What beautiful scenery we have passed through! Not much snow here but it sure is a lot more humid than NM. Course, just about everywhere is more humid than NM!  Our dog, Shadow, thinks he is in dog heaven. Watch out for April Fool’s tricksters and have fun doing it to others!
See you down the road,
Cheryl & Andy
Here are some more pics of the installation. Let us know what you think.


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