Redwood Treasures
April 8, 2011
Trailer Trouble & Mud Pits
April 13, 2011
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Our next stop is also in northern California, but this time we are in rich CA farmland, not forest. We are delivering to another customer’s home, our friends, Carol & Mike Churkin.  After carrying in their juniper chairs which they helped to design, they showed us around. They have all kinds of citrus trees, olives, and row upon row of walnut trees. They treated us like family and generously sent us home with several boxes of fruit. Yum!

On to LA to visit one of our favorite children, Shalom. (They’re all our favorites!) Shalom is our 3rd born daughter and she is involved in a ministry to inner-city children and families. She just recently ran her 3rd LA marathon with a group of high school children whom she helped to train. I wish we could have been here for that but I’m glad to have the opportunity now. We will also get to visit one of Andy’s old army buddies and my brother, Charlie and his family. So this is the non-business part of our trip.


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