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April 1, 2011
Portland “Geezers”
April 8, 2011
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Saturday Snow
We left MT this morning, crossing Idaho on our way to WA. We spent the night in an RV park in St. Regis, MT. Before we left this morning, we couldn’t resist stopping at an antique shop, our weakness. Saw some really cool stuff. I found an old electric coffee grinder and Andy found some windows that would have looked great in our house. We stuck our hands back in our pockets though, reminding ourselves of our commitment to not spend money until we catch up from the recession. This has been a great year though and our job board is filling up once again.
We’re driving through the mountains, pine trees lining the road, snow coming down steadily but thankfully not sticking to the road…yet. Our truck and trailer are functioning faithfully as is Andy. Just passed a smashed up car which must have gone out of control. Guess he was in a hurry…I think he’ll be late now. I hope no one is hurt.
Sunday following the Columbia River
Sunday’s my favorite day of the week. I love worshiping with the family of God but usually when we’re out of town we don’t have the luxury.  However, this morning Andy and I found a sweet fellowship and enjoyed both the worship and the teaching.
Then back on the road. Our path led us across the Columbia River to the Oregon side and we followed the river all the way to Portland. The river looks huge compared to the Rio Grande and is lined with cliffs on both sides. I took lots of pictures! As we approached Portland the landscape grew more lush and there were barges on the river.
Tomorrow we are going to place some furniture and art into The Geezer Gallery, and spend the rest of the day doing some exploring. It will be the first time on this trip we’ve stayed in one spot for two nights in a row and I’m looking forward to it.

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