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Over the years we have had to fix many amazing accidents. From chandeliers falling from the ceiling onto the table to bears breaking and entering and leaving their mark on our work! (I think it was Baby Bear lashing out at society for his lack of a food and bed!) We are always worried about how we will fix these accidents but because of the forgiving nature of our oil finish we have always been able to restore our work to it’s beautiful nature.

Not every accident is quite as extreme though and so we have created a step by step video to help you or your carpenter restore your piece from minor dents that may occur. The video and it’s script are below! And as always, feel free to contact us with any concerns you may have about your one of a kind, Andy Sanchez piece.

1: Step one is to place a damp rag on top of the dented spot with a hot iron ready.
2: Once the rag is in place use a hot iron to steam the dent.

  • This process can take up to 10 to 20 minutes so be sure to keep the rag moist.
  • (If the dent does not raise please contact a professional.)3: Once the dent has risen take a sheet of 400 sandpaper and go over the surface.

3: Working with the direction of grain will keep scratches from occurring.

  • The paper will gunk up so you will need to use different parts of the paper or a new sheet.

4: After you get the dents out you will need to go over the area with 600 sandpaper. Widen your work area to fade it into your finished surface.
5: You will need to repeat the last step with four zero steel wool. Lightly pressing as to not dig grooves.
6: To finish rub a Tung oil onto the table. Do this three to four times. Be sure not to let the oil dry without wiping off.
7: Finally use Minwax Finishing Paste and let set.
8: Use a shop rag to wipe off and your table is ready for daily use again!

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