Sedona Arts Festival
October 7, 2009
“Saddle Up”
November 9, 2010


It was a beautiful time of year to be in Sedona.  The weather was beautiful and the people hospitable.  Sedona Arts Festival was a first time show for us so we were very exited to be awarded first prize for Wood Art.   We hope to be able to turn the glory back to God because he is the one that has made such beautiful wood that we get to work with every day.   It’s easy to see his glory in the rings of the junipers revealing their ages of up to two thousand years old.   As we use the redwood, once considered unusable because of it’s curls and burls, we think of how amazing it is that they could be buried as land-fill for a hundred years and still be usable for beautiful tables.   From the wood to the semiprecious stones God created it all and we are thankful for a chance to see it.
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