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June 2, 2015
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June 30, 2015
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My dad went out today and picked cherries from his small orchard. It was the first picking from the sweet cherry tree since we planted it five years ago! I had to take some pictures for you all so see!

On my dad’s 60th birthday my 3 brothers, 3 sisters and I all pitched in and bought him one tree each. It doesn’t take much to make something great when you have that many people pitch in and do something simple like buy some fruit trees for $14 apiece.  I always think of that verse in the Bible that talks about a full quiver and what a blessing it is! As a father of four amazing girls I can see that myself!

But now with these 3 full baskets of cherries and more on the tree it paints a picture of a fruitful life. When we acquire things in life and know how to keep them they do return a beautiful gift as the days go on. It’s not always consistent, especially with cherry trees in New Mexico! (We usually have a late freeze that kills the blossoms or tiny fruit!) However, if we can be diligent through the hard times and water our trees even when they don’t have fruit, one day they will return an amazing crop to us.

I hope you are all enjoying your summer!


-Daniel Sanchez,
Designer and Artist

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