What we do is nothing short of unique. Each piece is designed to fit within your style. The categories for you to consider are listed below. We can also design pieces from any specific wood or stone you have in mind.


*** Please be aware that the natural materials we use will vary in color and grain pattern. Your finished piece will be similar in design and dimension, though there may be slight color variations in the wood and stone. ***

A finish that will last for generations

We believe that when you touch a piece of wood, you should feel that piece of wood. We do not coat our work in plastic (lacquer). Our finish is one of the many things that sets our pieces apart. We take a lot of care to sand, then closely examining our work for any leftover blemishes. This achieves a surface that will often have a dull shine even before any finish has been applied.

Once the sanding is completed, we begin a two-day to two-week process of oiling and waxing. This produces a finish that is extremely durable. In the event that something does happen to your piece, the oil and wax finish is easily repaired - unlike a lacquer finish, which has to be completely stripped and reapplied even to fix a small scratch.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee to put our passion and artistic abilities into every piece. Two pieces will never be exactly the same, but every piece will have the same creative integrity. With every work, we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied or we will continue to iterate through the design and work with you until your story is told through the piece.

We pour ourselves entirely into every article we compose. When you purchase an Andy and Aaron piece, you are not only buying beautifully-functional art you are also gaining a relationship with the artist.

Andy and Aaron Sanchez Furniture

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