"When I consider all of the amazing things God has done, I am in awe that he is mindful of us and honored to work with his creation." –Andy Sanchez

Andy Sanchez was born in Belen, New Mexico, a descendant of ancestors who came to the "New World" in the 1700's. His father taught him the basics of woodworking and using tools as a child. As a professional, he began working with wood about 35 years ago. Starting with general construction, he later became a finish carpenter.

In 1989, he moved to Maryland and worked on a home they called "The Firestone Home". This home was being finished by a group of carpenters with a reputation for being some of the best in the country. The home required extreme attention to details, more like a piece of furniture than a house. They spent five years doing the finish work alone, holding themselves to a very high standard. For Andy, this was an opportunity to learn from some of the best and bring his skill level to a new high.

In 1989, after returning to New Mexico, Andy decided to open his own furniture business. Being very artistic, he wanted to design as well as construct. Andy, his wife, Cheryl, and their seven children, have all worked together to build their business. He began building in the Santa Fe style, following the heritage of his ancestors who came to New Mexico from Spain during the time of the Conquistadors. Gradually he began developing his own artistic style. He combined many of the Santa Fe influences with the mission or Stickley style, being influenced by many other artists as well.

Moving from pine and oak, Andy began using Alligator Juniper, Redwood, mesquite and other highly figured woods for his unique studio furniture. But it was his innovative use of inlay that really caught people's attention, Using turquoise, marble, fossils and other stones marked a very successful turn in their designs. No one had ever used the inlays in that way and people really loved it! Because of the individual nature of their furniture, Andy's creativity and artistic nature has blossomed and finds no limits. He is always thinking of something different to try which has kept them in the forefront of Western furniture design.

In 2002, they built a new studio/gallery and home in Algodones, New Mexico, which is south of Santa Fe. Andy shows his work in art shows and galleries as far away as London. His work has been featured in many magazines, newspapers and the Home & Garden network. He is most proud of winning the "Best Western Spirit Award" at the Western Design Conference and the "People's Choice Award" at the Cody High Style Show, which are considered by most to be the most prestigious shows for Western design.

(Three of Andy's sons are working with him full time, as well as his wife, Cheryl. Their three daughters, though also very creative, have chosen different career paths. Was it the noise and dust…or perhaps they couldn't handle being around their brothers all day?)


"The only credit I can take is that I seek Gods direction. He is the true creator and the source of my inspiration." –Aaron Sanchez

Aaron is Andy's first born.

Aaron began apprenticing under Andy while Andy was working on the "Firestone Home". He has now been working alongside his Father for over twenty years. Aarons first experience with carpentry was one where attention to detail, excellence, and perfection were the standard. These qualities are what drew Aaron to the craft, and have stuck with him and make him the artist he is today.

While Andy tends to always be redefining the way things are done, Aaron believes a straight line should always be straight. Furniture is built with details and precision. Andy often jokes that he comes up with crazy ideas and Aaron figures out how to make them work. Even as a child, Aaron's drawings were done with a ruler and a compass. Today his work is still defined by precision craftsmanship.


"It's amazing to be able to work with Gods creation. I love having a job that allows me to be in His presence and be able to embrace it." – Daniel Sanchez

Daniel is the sixth born, fourth son of Andy.

As a young child, Daniel always had a very active and intricate imagination. He loved to draw detailed cities of ants and towering canyons of the moons of Saturn. He meticulously created stories for his cast of characters; each had their own tale to tell. When Daniel was old enough to work in the shop, Andy had just started working with Alligator Juniper. Something about the wood struck Daniels imagination. It may have been the massive slabs with their bark resembling alligator skin, or perhaps it was the intricate wood grain containing endless stories. He has always loved working with the wood because of its amazing character. He enjoys making beautiful pieces of art out of the amazing creations of God.

Daniel does a lot of the inlay work along side Aaron. His attention to detail makes him perfect for the exacting and complicated inlay work. Daniel tends to be more of a perfectionist than his brothers; this makes him essential to the finishing process.


"I love working here, it is not a business, it is a family, and it's not about a product it's about a relationship with our clients, each other, and God. It's not furniture it's our story, our art." –Lucas Sanchez

Lucas is Andy's fourth child and second son.

Early on in his life, Lucas began to learn the basic craft from his Father and his older brother Aaron, working with them after school and during the summers. Lucas always shared his Father's enthusiasm for expressing himself artistically. After High school, Lucas moved to Columbus, Ohio to attend the Columbus College of Art and Design, where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts. Lucas's focus has been on the media arts, but his passion is for 3D Graphics.

After finishing school, Lucas and his wife Angela moved to Los Angeles where he worked for an interactive web design company. After a year of apartment life, it was time for them to move back to New Mexico. Lucas is now in charge of our all of our advertising.

Lucas's wife, Angela, and his son Eli are featured in our "Heirloom" advertising campaign.


"The idea of a Moral Craftsman is extremely compelling to me, I want everything I do to be of the utmost quality, as if I was doing it for God Himself." -Francisco Sanchez

Francisco is Andy's fifth child and third son.

Cisco like all of his brothers began working with Andy early in his life. However, ever since his first airplane flight at age two, he has had dreams of being a pilot. After high school he pursued those dreams and earned his flying license. In order to be closer to things he loved Cisco became an airplane mechanic. Francisco now lives in Colorado with his wife and two sons and occasionally makes deliveries for Andy. Francisco has recently taken over website management.