You Need to Enjoy Your 4th
June 30, 2015
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It’s raining! Almost every day! It rained for several hours last night. The good thing is, the rivers, lakes and reservoirs are filling up again after a prolonged drought. And the weeds are much easier to pull. Of course, that also means the weeds are flourishing! Overall, we are really enjoying it.

For those of you who have one of our juniper tables, you have probably spent some time staring at the rings. They show a history of the rain here in New Mexico. As you know, each ring represents a year of growth. Though normally very slow growing, with very small rings, once in a while there is a much wider ring which also appears lighter in color. This year will be one of those rings!

Yesterday, as I was clearing off my desk (as rare an event as a rainy year in New Mexico) I came across an interesting article that we clipped out of the Albuquerque Journal many years ago. It charts the growth of the Pueblo Indian tribes in relationship to the inches of rain received in NM for the last 2129 years. I think you will find it fascinating! We did! As you can see, we have been much drier in past years.

Sources: Henri Grissino-Mayer, University of AZ; Museum of NM; National Park Service; Smithsonian Handbook of North American Indians.

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