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April 6, 2015
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May 26, 2015
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Table and Inlay

In 25 years we have grown a lot as you would suspect.  We’ve made lots of changes, upgrades, and improvements as any company would over a period of time. Some days the only thing that seems the same is the medium in which we use to make our products (and even that has evolved!) However, there is one other thing that has never changed: Custom. We have always pushed to make every piece as unique and custom as possible for every Job.

When we started our name was Andy Sanchez Custom Furniture. (And that name wasn’t followed with a dot com. Hard to imagine really!) We did primarily custom cabinets and as we grew we added in the chairs and tables. None of this was with rare and exotic woods like we are known for now, and not a stone to be seen in any direction. Today our signature pieces are larger than life tables with stone inlays that flow into our tables making it hard to imagine that they didn’t come that way!

Pine Coffee Table

Custom Pine Coffee Table

Recently we had the privilege of making a coffee table from a slab our clients had growing on their property. A beautiful 2 foot by 3 foot pine slab cut horizontally showing off the beautiful growth rings! They also asked us to use turquoise that they provided themselves, including heirloom turquoise.

We gladly do pieces like this because it gives us a connection to our clients that we would not otherwise have. The beauty of doing custom work is just that. We not only get to do beautiful work but we get a deep connection with people through the work. A blessing indeed and one of the main reasons we still have “custom” as a part of our mantra.


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