Rocking Chair

Alligator Juniper and Bumble Bee Jasper

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Ancient One

This 8'x6' Redwood table is inlaid with New Mexico travertine turquiose, and ammonites.

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Rocking Chair

Red Cedar inlaid with jaspers, lapis, silver, apple coral, ammonites and various types of turquiose.

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Rocking Chair

Red Cedar inlaid with sodalite, lapis, apple coral, ammonites and various types of turquiose.


Dream Fulfilled

6' 6" round Black Walnut inlaid with various geodes, tiger eye, bolder opal and ammonites.

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Twin Rivers

5'6" x 4'Alligator Juniper inlaid with Russian soapstone, marble and blue kyanite.

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Betting on the Serengeti

4'9"An Olive wood stump base, Redwood frame, and Industrial Diamond blade make up the bulk of this table. The saw blade is engraved with images depicting the Serengeti and has a lion's claw made from oyster as the centerpiece.

Round Malichite

Sopha Display Table

60" x 30" x 3' tall This black walnut display table is lit with LED lights with an interior display drawer measuring 14" x 47.5" x 4" deep. Inlays include 8 ammonites making up rams horns for 4 azurite rams on each corner.

Display Coffee Table

5' x 3' x 20" tall Acacia wood top with an interior display drawer measuring 22.5" x 47.5" x 5" deep. Inlays include 4 ammonites, turquiose, and bumble bee jasper.

The Hunter Within

7' round The Black Walnut is inlaid with Azurite, Ammonites and poured silver. This table portrays a man's steps morphing into a wolf's paw prints hunting a deer.

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Juniper Sofa Table

5' x 2' x 3' tall with shelf at 8"

Tall Sopha

Juniper Sofa Table

54" x 16" x 30"tall


Raising Desk or Table

35" x 70" Installed with rising legs, the Juniper top can go all the way down to a coffee table hight or be raised for a comfortable standing desk. The hights are adjusted with the touch of a button. The inlays include Marble, #8 Turquoise and Ammonites.

Old Friend

Alligator Juniper Table with Various Turquoise, Apachi Goldvein and Ammonite inlays.

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Mesquite Table

Book-matched Mesquite with Azurite, Picture Stone, and Aluminum inlays.


"Piano Bench" Sofa Table

5' x 16"(average)


Sculptures and Art

We will be updating our crosses and wallhangings soon. We also have a few other large pieces available.


Saw Blade Sculpture


Heart of Bosque


Juniper Mantel


"Big Horn"

Black Walnut End Table

3' x 2' 6"

Red Wood Coffee Table

Green marble inlay.

6' x 3'
redwood coffee table

End Table

Juniper with Marble inlay and branch base.

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